Complimentary Review

To determine if an office appointment is beneficial for you, we provide a complimentary review of your hip and knee X-rays or MRI. We will review your radiologic studies and determine if you benefit from hip or knee surgery. Once received, please allow at least one week for us to review your images and information. We will not be responsible for lost copies through the mail so please make sure you retain a copy of your records. If you want your films, CDs, or records returned to you, please send us a self addressed stamped envelope. Please provide your contact information before sending your films by calling our office or by sending us an email through our website at

Please briefly describe your symptoms in your letter. Include information about

  • How far can you walk?
  • Have you had an injection into the joint?
  • Do you take pain medication? What medication, how often?
  • Have you had prior surgery and if so what type of surgery?
  • Do you have major medical issues?

Please mail me a copy of your x-ray and a short description of your symptoms to

Mailing Address

Friedrich Boettner, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
535 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021

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Alternatively you can answer the following questions online here and request an appointment

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